Running 3.8km in 25minutes  daily
Yesterday,I went running at the park nearby my house.

This Autumn I will run in a half marathon race.
It will be my first time.

I had run in a 5km marathon before.
That's all.

I have to finish the half marathon in 2.5hours.

Yesterday,I ran 3.8km in 25minutes
Oh...There is still room for improvement.

I have to keep training



Freshness Burger  daily
Today I had lunch at Freshness Burger with my colleague.

I ate Negimiso Burger.
Negi is spring onion.
And Miso is Japanese seasoning made from soybeans.
Miso is very populer seasoning in Japan.
Nowadays,I think we can get it in big citys all over the world
like London,Paris and NewYork.

Anyway,my favorite is FreshnessBurger and Omllet Burger.
It is so delicious

Freshness Bureger is one of the Humburger Chainstore in Japan.
It is a little bit more expensive than Macdonalds.

But they keep a quality of ingredients and taste.
And the interior and outside looks cute!
That has natural taste.

So I like very much.

Other Hamburger chain,I like are KUAAINA and A&W.
Have you ever ate there before??


I Enjoyed The BBQ  daily
Last weekend,I went to the BBQ at my friend's house in Tokyo.

The friend prepared lots of ingredients.
Beef,chicken,prawn,mushroom,paprika,corn,onion,pumpkin,and more.

Everything was delicious!Especially the onions and corns.
That made me so happy.

Sometimes,it is more delicious to eat outdoors than indoors,isn't it?

I enjoyed the BBQ and had a good time with frineds


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